A Beginner’s Guide To SEO

Finally i have decided to write down a complete guide on what SEO is and how it works. Being a newcomer in the web market is not easy, you get so much confuse with the  things which come upon you all together.

Nowadays, SEO is talk of the town, most of you already hearing this term oftenly. Still, one needs a proper guidance on SEO in order to understand the term and for the execution of the same.

So, if you are in dilemma and looking for an way out with SEO then you came to the right place. In this article i’m going to give you a complete guide on “SEO” which is going to help you in a long run to achieve the success :-


What is SEO?

The term SEO stands for “search engine optimization. It is the process in which the companies produce quality and quantity content with a motive to generate heavy traffic on website. It is also used to increase the brand awareness that aim towards generating increased sales lead.

In simple words, SEO is a people oriented technique that provides them accurately what they look for. The technique is used to provide a relevant suggestion to audience, a solution to their question and the results based on their typed words.

How search engine works?

Search engine like “google” is a receiver who gets more than a million content on a daily basis. Search engines are the filters, they are the one who decide which content deserve the first page results and which should come after.

After taking thousand of factors into consideration and evaluating the content. Search engine decides which content is more relevant as per the search then show the most suitable links to the searcher.  

There are several things which search engine look forward to such as keywords, images, videos, graphics, content structure etc.

Organic search engine results?

Organic search results are the results which is shown by google on its own as per the quality of the content. It is a form of non-paid marketing where the job is to write the content which meet the demands of google and public accurately. In order to achieve the best results from organic search. one needs to have a patience and give time as SEO is a bit time consuming process but effective in long running.

Why SEO is important?  

Paid advertising on social media platforms, search engines can take your website at front but wouldn’t able to generate traffic same like SEO does.  

Organic results look more appealing and more credible to the audience. They mostly rely on the results which are non-paid. According to the research in US,  more than half of the population click on non-paid links instead of paid ones.

If you get succeed in providing right kind of content to the target audience with appropriate keyword then it can give your business a great boost within a few years.on the other hand, paid advertising needs continue funding for traffic generation.

SEO precautions

Earlier, when SEO was introduced in the global digital market, people have tried variety of ways to get on top of the search engine. initially some people found their way out smoothy but after awhile google made some changes that resulted in two kind of SEO practices.

Black hat SEO vs White hat SEO

“White hat SEO” refers to the process which is performed keeping the basic ethics and rules in mind. This includes well organized and structured SEO practices prepared to provide audience a valuable content or solution.

“Black hat SEO” is a practice which is specifically done to fool search engines. Sometimes it works but later on it turn out as a worst nightmare. Search engine put those website in a spam list after which, one cannot take a benefit of SEO tool.

This is the reason why many people hire SEO experts or agency to prevent any kind of mistake that can cause company harm.  There are thousand of companies who have suffered from the same, did mistake unintentionally and ended up bankrupt due to lack of expertise or knowledge of SEO.


If you attain the first position on search engine through paid advertising, it will matter the least if the traffic is not coming on a website. Optimized sites are the most trustworthy in the eyes of public. Ever after gaining the traffic, if you wouldn’t able to convert them into an potential buyer then there will be no point of investing money on something like this. Investing the time and money on Search engine optimization process provide  permanent stability and profitable business to the company till the end.