5 Ways To Find Jobs Without Using Job Portals

Landing up in a good job is as difficult as it is for the recruiters to find the ideal candidate for a role. Although, job portals have in some way tried to ease up this hassle of finding the perfect job but the culture of online job portals does not seem to be helpful for many job seekers. There are loads of things with which the job seekers aren’t much comfortable while looking for a job through job portals and they therefore, end up getting confused with them. There are certain ways in which you can actually make use of other things and land up in the perfect job. If you are the kind of person for whom job portals don’t seem to work then here are five ways in which you can get good jobs without relying on job portals.

Target the companies directly


One good way of getting good jobs in your dream companies is by directly targeting them. Job portals might not display the job posting of the company you are interested in working with. Most of the top level companies generally run their own internalised way of hiring through their social media pages and websites. You can therefore, directly look for the open positions of the company online.


Make the recruiters find you


This one way to find out jobs is not considered to be very effective but can be used in case you wish to stay clear off job portals. It works on the simple fact that recruiters in search of a good candidate will reach you by any means. You can proceed by preparing an online resume or portfolio kind of thing.




The next very effective method of attracting good opportunities is by networking more with people who are into same field. This will lead to your recommendations in different areas and some top companies as well. Networking always results in good opportunities and it is therefore, advised to indulge more and more in networking.


Make use of your school or college


While in schools as well as colleges, it gets easier for you to connect with the career center and get potential jobs. Some colleges and universities offer you good placements with extremely alluring packages. Most of the people who are happy in their job have got their jobs through campus placements and the same is an effective way of getting good jobs.


Enlist Using Social Media


Social media sometimes, work just like job portals. You can enlist all your qualities skills on your profiles. Facebook and LinkedIn are the two most effective online social media platforms that could be used in a good way for getting jobs.

These are the very few options that you can rely on instead of going with the mainstream and not very effective method of using job portals. These top five methods will surely lead you in some good offers and opportunities.