10 Tips for Shopping for Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Getting married is such a joyous time and while shopping for a wedding dress can become challenging for any bride, it is in particular, a dreadful task for brides who are looking for a plus size wedding dress. Luckily, designer Stella York has made available a gorgeous plus size bridal gown collection.


Ten Tips for Shopping for Plus Size Wedding Dresses

1.Call Before You Shop

The last thing you want to do is waste time going to a store that does not carry your size or to find out that the employees lack the proper knowledge to help you. Select stores that you feel are most informed and excited about working with you.

2.Choose A Wedding Dress Boutique That Treats You Well

If employees are rude or make body-shaming comments, do not tolerate it. There are plenty of other Wedding Dresses boutiques who would love to have your business.

3.Don’t Worry About The Size

Almost no female likes to discuss their size, nonetheless hear that they need a bigger size than what they currently wear. Be prepared that wedding dress sizes run smaller than average clothing sizes.

4.It Is Not All About Looking Slim

The dress you choose should not be determined based solely on the fact of what will make you look skinny. Your style, shape and comfort level should also be taken into consideration to find the one that makes your personality shine.

5.Make Comfort A Priority

Many plus size women say that their one regret is wearing a dress that wasn’t comfortable. Keep your mind open, and it may lead you to ideas that you would not have considered otherwise, such as Stella York’s 6432 dress.

6.Undergarments Are Important

You want to be able to enjoy your wedding and not always be tugging at your dress or dealing with an unsupportive bra. Take time to find undergarments that fit you the best.

7.Shop When You Feel Confident

To make the shopping trip for your plus size wedding dress a success, go at a time when you feel confident. When you go, make sure it is not during PMS or after a binge of alcohol or food.

8.Research Styles

Look at styles worn by other plus size women, such as Stella York’s 6385 dress, to get ideas of what you think will work for your body type.

9.Alterations Are Always An Option

You deserve nothing but the best. Alterations can adjust almost anything with the dress even if it means adding sleeves to it.

10.Shop First, Then Lose Weight

If you are thinking about losing weight before searching for a wedding gown, hold off! Find your dress now and then if you end up losing weight, you can always have it altered.

Finding a plus size wedding dress does not have to be difficult. Many Wedding Dresses boutiques specialize in plus sizes and may even have plus size samples on hand. Use these tips to find the dress of your dreams.